Notes on the upcoming Hotel Utah show, December 12, 2013

Our good friend Misisipi Mike Wolf designed this poster for our upcoming show at the Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco, December 12 2013. Mike is a high caliber songwriter and guitarist, and a poster artist in high demand around the Bay Area. Check out some of his other recent posters here.

Both Adam and I have played (and still play occasionally) with Mike in his various bands, even if he is hard to keep track of - he was quoted in the SF Chronicle as being in something like 10 active bands last year! Notably, we both play and have recorded with Misisipi Mike and the Midnight Gamblers, and a lot of the loose, spontaneous energy that we've found in Small Town Therapy is in full effect with that group (both of us in full on electrified mode, lots of pedals and effects and fuzz). I think this video does the MG's justice. The Gamblers started as a pickup band put together for a wedding gig at the Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. My clearest memory from that gig is playing "Ring of Fire" in a grass hut during a torrential downpour, water dripping on amps and guests and musicians...

One more note about the upcoming Hotel Utah show: it is right smack in the middle of the American Geophysical Union geology conference. Coincidence? I think not... There will be over 20 thousand Earth Scientists in the city of San Francisco for the week of December 9-13! Think about THAT for minute and try to stay calm. I've heard from local bar owners that beer sales go up considerably and tipping rates go down... but all jests aside, it is a really exciting week in the Bay Area generally. If you come to our show, who knows, you might meet some real Earth Scientists (perhaps you ARE an Earth Scientist!). If you do, ask them whether or not decompression melting is important in subduction zones. And if you find out, report back to me.

Actually, the real reason I'm excited about the Utah on December 12th is the music, 'cause I get to see the T Sisters and Indianna Hale. These folks are amazing.